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Dear Scott,
This note is in regards to our great fortune in finding Scott Garl, a wonderful conservator, for my brother Sean. We did not have any luck with Sean’s previous conservator AT ALL, and so we were very concerned and anxious about finding an honest and trustworthy one. So lucky to have found Scott! Scott and my brother clicked right away, with Scott’s caring, patient manner and his sincere listening skills. Sean was, guardedly, able to slowly put his trust in Scott once he felt that Scott really cared about him as a person and would be a valid advocate for him. Scott did not disappoint.

Scott went above and beyond to make sure that Sean was taken care of, and most of all, HEARD. They became very close and Sean counted on Scott...because he could! The relationship became more than just a conservator/conserved patient to the point of friends. Scott never left Sean in any of his hours of need, and was always just a phone call away. Scott spent many hours with Sean and our family in the last couple of days of Sean’s life.

I miss my brother Sean deeply, but I find solace and peace that Scott was part of our team until the end, offering Sean the comfort and love he deserved.

Thank you Scott.

Lori R

We love building relationships, sometimes under very complicated circumstances

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Dear Scott, 

I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance with my friend. We have entrusted you with his Power of Attorney duties while he recuperates at a nursing home. What was supposed to be a three-month recovery has now lasted several years, and all through that time you expertly managed his financial and personal affairs.

You have expressed deep concern not only for his present situation, but also long term care if required. I know the guy isn’t the easiest to get along with, and somewhat stubborn, but I can see how much he respects and values your input.

I think once he recovers and becomes more independent, he will always consider you a dear and trusted friend.

Thank you again,